lg-EC9800-OLED-Ultra-HDTV[CES 2014] Are curved displays the way of the future? Or are they simply a novel piece of technology for now that shows off what companies are able to achieve for the sake of it? Well regardless what you think of it, they are still pretty damn impressive and come CES 2014, LG will be showing off an Ultra HD curved OLED television of the 77-inch variety. Sporting the 77EC9800 model number, LG is is boasting that this is the world’s largest Ultra HD OLED television available in the market right now and with a price tag of an eye-watering $29,999, it is definitely out of the reach of many customers who might otherwise have a better use for $30k.However for those who are wondering what sort of technology lies under the hood of this beast, LG states that the television will be using the company’s proprietary 4 Color Pixel technology alongside the conventional three color OLED arrangement, which ultimately improves overall color accuracy and expands the color range capable of being produced. The television will also use the Tru-ULTRA HD Engine which allows for upscaling of content into Ultra HD resolution. According to LG, this engine will not only upscale, but will also check for any flaws that might have occurred during the upscaling process and adjust itself accordingly. The engine will also feature a function called 4K MEMC which is said to help reduce motion blur.

The 77EC9800 will be part of LG’s new television lineup that will take advantage of the company’s overhauling of the webOS interface, which we have seen in a leaked photo not too long ago. While we have yet to take the television and its new user interface out for a spin, LG claims that the new user interface will allow for faster and smoother transitions between services. The television is also expected to come with LG’s Magic Remote which will allow for regular navigation as well as voice navigation. If this sounds like the television of your dreams, LG expects to see a release come Q2 2014.

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