lg-mp76South Korean consumer electronics giant LG has done it yet again – by introducing the premium MP76 IPS monitor. This particular monitor will sport a clear stand alongside a thin bezel, offering Full HD resolution without missing a beat. Your eyes will also be grateful for the Flicker-Safe technology that has been thrown into the mix for a far more comfortable viewing experience.

The 24” Full HD MP76 IPS monitor will merge a Crystal Float Stand and LG’s super thin CINEMA SCREEN Design which makes it look really cool. Arriving in a sleek metallic finish, it will feature the transparent Crystal Float Stand, resulting in it looking as though the monitor itself appears to float in surroundings that have less light than normal. Apart from that, it comes with a touch of modern sophistication that delivers a clean, understated look. You can choose to mount it on a wall if you want to, too.

There is also a Reader Mode which allows the background of any image to look like paper, helping reduce eye strain along the way. So far, no word on pricing and availability have been divulged just yet, but there is nothing a little bit of patience cannot do. [Press Release]

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