google-glass-exploitGoogle Glass is certainly leading the way as far as wearable technology is concerned. Not only is the device becoming more viable commercially, but it has also been designed where it is not a bulky contraption strapped to your head, but a rather elegant solution that caters to those with prescription glasses as well. Unfortunately due to the Glass’ capabilities, namely photo taking and video recording, there are still a lot of places out there who have the right to be worried, such as casinos and movie theaters where owners of such establishments worry that patrons who wear Glass might take advantage of them.

In fact one such situation happened recently at an AMC theater in Easton Mall in Columbia, Ohio. The man wearing Glass went in to see a movie, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. However it was about an hour into the movie that an FBI agent approached him and without warning snatched the Glass off the man’s face and removed him from the theater, after which he was interrogated by a group of agents for over 3 hours, all of whom told him that it was illegal for him to record a movie whilst in the cinema. However it should be noted that the man did not record any movies as his Glass was turned off. Not to mention his version of Glass was the prescription version meaning that he had to wear them if he wanted to see anything.

Last but not least, all of us have mobile phones that are perfectly capable of recording videos, so what’s stopping the feds from ejecting all patrons and confiscating their phones, right? The good news is that the man was eventually let go and given two free tickets as an apology for his troubles, which honestly does not seem like enough. This is not the first time that Glass owners run into legal trouble and we doubt that it will be the last.

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