meizu-storeThe thing about app stores is that usually whoever owns the app stores get a cut of the revenue that developers make. It’s common practice and it applies to Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon, all of whom have app stores themselves. So if one were to make a new app store, how would they encourage developers to hop on board? Well Meizu has a plan to help promote their app store and according to the Chinese company, they will not be charging developers anything and will allow them to keep 100% of their revenue! Given that Meizu’s smartphones are running on Android, we guess it can’t hurt developers to put their apps on there as well as the Google Play store and earn a bit of extra money.

Meizu has recently announced plans to enter the US market and given that the US market is one of the bigger markets that manufacturers would love to enter, offering developers such a tantalizing deal is a great start. We’re not sure how many developers will actually take up Meizu on their offer, so we guess we will just have to wait and see. The company has also revealed that they plan on unveiling new products at CES 2014, so if you’d like to see what Meizu has to offer, be sure to check back with us during CES 2014 for all the details! In the meantime how do you guys think Meizu will do with their app store? Will their tactic allow them to succeed?

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