nes-world-championship-goldSome time last week, we brought you word that an extremely rare Nintendo World Championships cartridge actually went up on auction, and that certainly drew a fair amount of attention, as it sold for $99,902 (!). A couple more Nintendo World Championships cartridges popped up after that as well, with one of them being a mint-condition grey edition that has an intact label, while the other is a gold edition version that you can see above. The latter is obviously a whole lot more valuable, where only 26 of the 116 cartridges produced specifically for Nintendo Power prize winners came in gold.

Here is a little bit of background information on the Nintendo World Championships – it happened to be a custom game which was specially developed for a nationwide Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) tournament that took place nearly a quarter of a century ago – 1990, to be exact. There were only 116 cartridges produced, where the custom game would require players to beat select levels from popular titles such as Super Mario Bros., Tetris and Rad Racer in less than seven minutes. After completing these levels, scores were tallied and winners would be sent to the national championships, where 90 semi-finalists picked up a free copy of Nintendo World Championships. Needless to say, these have become extremely rare today as you can tell by the crazy auction figures alone.

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