google-glasses-kickedWhat if Google Glass were to tell you one day while you’re having the sniffles, “Wearer, heal thyself!” That would be downright weird, don’t you think so? Having said that, here are some details on how Google Glass has a role to play in the world of modern medical science, as a NRI doctor has successfully performed a surgery in Jaipur, India, with some help from Google Glass. Just how did Google Glass come into play in the operating theater?

For starters, a team of doctors under supervision of US-based Dr. Parekh performed the foot and ankle surgery while wearing Google Glass. The entire operation was then broadcasted live on the Google website via internet, with orthopedic surgeon Selene G. Parekh relying on this particular pair of Google Glass to get the job done.

This particular surgery was held throughout a three-day annual Indo-US conference that was well attended by a team of experts from the US, where it was headed by Dr. Ashish Sharma. Sharma mentioned that Google Glass paved the way for one to check out an X-Ray or MRI without having to take one’s eye off from the patient. That sounds comforting, don’t you think so? Apart from that, it would also enable the doctor to communicate with a patient’s family or friends throughout the procedure, although I personally think that as the patient, they would prefer the doctor to keep quiet and concentrate fully on the operation.

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