[CES 2014] A handful of 4K TVs have been unveiled at the international Consumer Electronics Show 2014, so its no surprise that Panasonic is here too with its new Life+Screen AX800 4K TV series. 65-inch and 58-inch models will be offered, which according to the company tout “Beyond Smart” features and improved picture quality in a “cutting-edge” design. Studio Master Color provides accurate color reproduction whereas a high-color-space LED backlight achieves wide color gamut that nears the level of a plasma screen. Clarity is enhanced using Local Dimming Pro, which matches backlight control and optimizes brightness level to each area.

The Panasonic Life+Screen AX800 4K TV series models also include the 4K Fine Remaster Engine which is capable of upscaling content to 4K resolution, it can even upscale webpages for optimum quality. The “Beyond Smart” brings a new user interface which builds on Panasonic’s “My Home Screen” personalization features that were unveiled last year. Navigation is now much more easier and intuitive. The Life+Screen is capable of learning user preferences and automatically recommending content based on it. The TVs also display information such as message notifications, weather forecasts and even a clock using a proximity sensor coupled with facial recognition through the built-in camera in the AX800 series. At this point in time, only the 58-inch model is available for pre-order through Panasonic’s website.

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