If you have been contemplating a PS3 to Xbox One upgrade for quite some time, Microsoft has just sweetened the deal. The company is inviting you to “ditch your PS3” in favor of an Xbox One, its latest gaming console. For your troubles, and the used PS3 that you trade-in, Microsoft is offering $100 in store credit that can be put towards the purchase of an Xbox One.


The $100 discount effectively brings the new console’s price down to that of its rival, the PlayStation 4, which costs $399. This is a good deal for anyone who is willing to switch from a PlayStation to an Xbox, though since they’ll have to pay $399 anyway for a new Xbox One, customers can instead retain their PS3 and simply purchase a PS4 outright, which is why this deal might not entice some people. That said, this is a move on Microsoft’s part to increase sales of its latest gaming console. The company recently reported that it has shipped over 3.9 million Xbox One units to retailers ever since the console launched, slightly below the 4.2 million units that Sony has been able to ship. This deal is also valid for customers who want to trade-in an Xbox 360 S or Xbox 360 E, they too will receive $100 off. Customers must visit a Microsoft retail store in the U.S. in order to take advantage of this deal.

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