Last we heard from Microsoft on Xbox One sales was late last year, when the company revealed that after launching in mid-November, it had sold over three million units in what was left of the year. Microsoft has released the fiscal report for the last quarter, and it reflects that Xbox One sales have gained steadily in the new year as well. Unit shipments to retailers crossed 3.9 million.

Even the Xbox 360 continued to perform very well, with 3.5 million units being shipped to retailers during the same time. The company’s hardware division saw revenue rise $1.9 billion year over year, reaching $4.7 billion. Surface tablets posted significant gain as well, with revenues doubling from the previous quarter, however with the relatively high cost on revenue, Microsoft might have actually lost money on its tablets. Nevertheless, its an indication that the company’s tablets have started gaining traction in the market. Xbox One unit shipments are still a bit behind that of Sony PlayStation 4, at 4.2 million units, however it should be kept in mind that the PS4 is available in a greater number of markets as opposed to Microsoft’s gaming console. Redmond beat the Street’s expectations on total revenue by a significant margin, pulling in $24.5 billion and posting a net profit of $6.5 billion.

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