Serial leakster @evleaks has come up with another potential gem about the yet unreleased HTC M8, which is also known as the HTC One+ in other circles, depending on where you get your news sources from. In fact, it has been more or less confirmed over the weekend that the upcoming HTC M8 will feature a display that has 1080 x 1920 resolution, with a very real possibility of it measuring 5” in size. In one of @evleaks’ more recent outings, the HTC M8 might very well hold the honor of being the first HTC smartphone that will feature on-screen buttons, now how about that?

What will all of this mean for the end user? Basically, the amount of space that is used by the hardware buttons as well as the HTC logo on the first HTC One will be replaced by additional viewing area on the display. Hence, in terms of its physical dimension, the HTC M8 could very well be similar in size as the older HTC One, although you will most probably end up with a far larger display. One thing is pretty much set in concrete already, and that would be the presence of a scrolling wallpaper for the HTC M8 which we talked about yesterday.

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