mm-30g-headset[CES 2014] Sennheiser has introduced the MM 30G in-ear headset that has been touted to be the ‘perfect fit’ for the most recent generation of Samsung Galaxy smartphones as well as tablets, all the way from the Samsung Galaxy S2 upwards. It comes across as a sleek and discreet device, where this particular headset will sport a mobile device remote control to go alongside it. Not only that, you will find it to arrive modeled in elegant black or white shades, delivering you a top of the range Sennheiser music listening experience on your Samsung Galaxy device, all the while making sure that you have full control of your conversations right from the get go.

The Sennheiser MM 30G sports a three button in-line remote control which allows you to play and pause tracks, as well as attend to a call on your Samsung smartphone using nothing more than a quick touch. You do not even need to reach into your pocket or rummage through your bag to do so, as the in-line remote control will also enable you to set or change the volume level without having to manually adjust the device, too. Basically, you can continue talking to your friends or family over the phone without having to stop the music. This is a plug-and-play headset with your Samsung device, making it even easier since one does not need to install an app or having to configure those buttons in a manual manner.

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