Sennheiser-G4ME ONE[CES 2014] Gaming headsets differ slightly from regular headphones. For examples while headphones designed for music focus more on a balanced sound, gaming headsets might focus more on bass to help make explosions sound louder and heavier. They might also focus on surround sound so that gamers can tell which direction their enemies are coming from, and more often than not they come with a microphone that allows gamers to voice chat with one another. Well if you’re in the market for new gaming headphones, Sennheiser has unveiled the G4me One and G4me Zero headphones as part of a collaboration between Sennheiser and Io-Interactive.The headphones have been designed for ergonomics and comfort in mind, allowing gamers to use the headphones for longer periods of time without feeling too much discomfort. This is particularly important as there are headphones out there that are heavy and might clamp too tightly on the head, making it extremely uncomfortable after extended periods of gaming. Both models will also feature a microphone that comes with noise canceling technology that helps to clear out background noise so that your voice can be transmitted more clearly.


So what’s the difference between the G4me One and G4me Zero? The G4me One headphone will feature an open design that allows air flow to help increase the comfort of the wearer, keeping ears cool during gameplay. However for those who want more noise isolation, that’s where the G4me Zero comes in and will sport padding and memory foam that will help block out external sound, as well as prevent sound from leaking from the headphones. No word on pricing or availability just yet.

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