sony-virtualreality[CES 2014] Back in December 2013, we reported that there was a chance that Sony could debut a new virtual reality headset at CES 2014, and sure enough it looks like Sony did not disappoint as they have unveiled the HMZ-T3Q. The device is actually a follow-up to last year’s HMZ-T3W, with notable upgrades of course. According to Sony, the new virtual reality head mounted display has a virtual screen which reaches up to a whopping 750-inches, and will be worn like a pair of pair of goggles (pictured above), enveloping you in your own private cinematic world.

Designed for entertainment purposes, such as movie watching and gaming, the HMW-T3Q is aware of your head movements as well, so if you were to turn your head, it will take note of that and allow you to focus in on that particular scene. Also given that the headset is portable, Sony has suggested it can be used in place of other portable entertainment devices, such as laptops, tablets, or smartphones, while at the same time affording its wearer a degree of privacy. Could Sony’s own virtual reality headset prove to be stiff competition for the Oculus Rift headset? That’s hard to say, but given Sony’s reputation and experience, it certainly lends them that edge. Unfortunately for those of you looking to get in on the VR experience, Sony has not mentioned anything about pricing or availability just yet.

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