sony-xperia-z1-review-6Come MWC 2014, we are expecting to see a handful of new devices from Sony. The company did take off the wraps for some handsets during CES 2014, such as the Xperia Z1 Compact, but at MWC 2014 many are looking forward to Sony’s next flagship handset, the Xperia Z2 which has also been known by its codename, Sirius. Well thanks to an FCC filing, a certain Sony PM-0740-BV has made an appearance which many are speculating is the Sony Xperia Z2, despite the Xperia Z2’s other model number being the D6503. The device found at the FCC does come with several different LTE bands which would make it compatible with a variety of different carriers in the US, depending on which are enabled.

However apart from the handset sighting, it seems that another Sony device has been spotted at the FCC as well, this time in the form of the TM-0043-BV which has some thinking that it could be the rumored Sony “Castor” tablet. The tablet has been rumored about for a while now and it is expected to see a release in Japan in the second quarter of this year, but an FCC sighting would suggest that a US release could in the cards as well. With the last tablet from Sony being the Xperia Tablet Z from back in 2013, chances are the Castor could be its successor, but we guess more details will be shared come MWC 2014, so check back with us then for more information on either device.

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