spotify-24-million-active-6-million-payingSpotify has a bunch of playlists that listeners can browse. They are separated in a variety of genres, such as Pop, Rock, Dance, Chill, and etc. Of course you can create and share your own playlist, but wouldn’t it be cool if Spotify or any other music service could detect your mood and create a playlist based around that? Well that’s one of the features Spotify would love to implement in the future and they will be relying on your device’s sensors to help create something tailored to your mood. Now we’re not sure how Spotify plans on detecting whether we are happy or moody, but at least based on the accelerometer and other sensors built into our phones, Spotify will be able to detect if we are running, and from there create an up-tempo playlist that will motivate us.

The information collected from the sensors could include anything such as speed and heart rate and possibly body temperature, and from there, an appropriate playlist can be generated. According to Donovan Sung, Spotify’s product manager for discover and recommendations, “Maybe with motion sensors in phones, we can start guessing things whether users are running, biking or driving? Maybe the phone has a temperature sensor, or a heart rate sensor, we could guess whether the user is tense… […] The more we know about you, the better the [recommendation] engine can be.” What do you guys think of this idea? Yay or nay?

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