desklaThe Tesla Model S has been a fine example of an electric car that can really perform when it needs to, being a pioneer in its own right to boot, not to mention being fun to drive. However, I suppose if this particular model of the Tesla Model S could talk, it would most probably be rather upset at the fact that it has to suffer the indignity of being an office desk. In fact, what you see above can be dubbed to be the very first “Deskla” in the world.


I suppose if employers figured out that their workers who worked on the Deskla would be a whole lot more efficient and faster, they would rush to place their orders for the entire building, but chances are productivity would be lowered as office workers drool over the smooth lines of the Deskla, which is actually a factory reject bare shell. There you go – what is possibly a $70,000 brand new car has been transformed into a surface for you to hold meetings as well as work.

The Deskla comes with a trio of 120v electrical outlets, half a dozen USB ports and working Tesla LED lights, which are all powered by the car’s original charge cord. Not only that, for a more authentic experience, the Model S’s seats have also been transformed into office chairs and the dashboard/desk was modeled off the car’s factory interior trimmings.

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