Twitter logoEvery once in a while, it makes perfect sense for a particular software or app to receive an update, or a revamp for that matter. After all, one would need to keep up with the times, don’t you think so? It is also not that nice to lose out in the cosmetics arms race, so to speak, to your rivals, and having the same old look for a few years is considered to be a drag, especially when one is involved in the fast paced world of information technology. As for the folks over at Twitter, they have decided to settle on a more uniform look across its Web and app versions, and that would mean making sure that the former is updated.

Twitter announced earlier this week that they will be rolling out a refreshed look for its Web-based version of Twitter. Twitter announced via a tweet (where else?), “We’re now rolling out a refreshed reflecting the look & feel of our iOS & Android apps.” Apart from that, Twitter also has plans to make use of its service so that the general public will be able to ask questions to executives when it comes to the company’s earnings call, with February 5, 2014, being set as the date for earnings to be reported.

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