steam controllerBack in September, Valve showed off the Steam Controller which would be bundled and used together with its Steam Machines. Perhaps looking to set themselves as far apart as possible from regular console controllers, Valve went with a pretty unique and outlandish design which featured two trackpads and a small screen which could be used to display additional information. Admittedly it was a pretty unique design but it was met with controversy as it did seem a bit unwieldy and unfamiliar which means that gamers would have to take longer to adjust themselves to a new controller rather than being able to pick it up and play straight away.

Well the good news is that Valve has decided to do away with the outlandish design and has since revealed an updated controller that will do away with the tiny secondary display. Instead Valve will introduce a more familiar d-pad and standard controller buttons that gamers have been well acquainted with for the past couple of decades. However it should be noted that the image above might not necessarily be representative of the final design as it is merely a mockup of some of the changes that Valve has proposed during the Steam Dev Days event. There’s seems to be a lot of unused empty space in the middle where the screen used to be, which hopefully Valve will find some way to fill up as it does look a little odd, but what do you guys think of the newly proposed controller?

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