We have all used Winamp at some point in our lives, its one of those things that have their very own special place in our hearts. Only recently it was reported that Winamp is going to shut down, which made quite a few people nostalgic about the times spent playing music with the software, but it appears that Winamp might live to play music another day. TechCrunch claims to have heard from a reliable source that Winamp is being sold to Radionomy, an online radio aggregator based out in Belgium.

AOL owns the popular music player as well as Shoutcast, a digital music service. Apparently its looking to offload Shoutcast as well and it too is reportedly being picked up by Radionomy. The online radio aggregator currently has over 6,000 stations in its catalog, being able to bring in Shoutcast’s catalog of over 50,000 stations will definitely be a big boost for it. Winamp may be used to program said radio stations and offer other features as well. Apparently a deal is expected to be finalized by Friday, “if not sooner.” No financial terms have been mentioned in the report as yet and it remains to be seen if they’ll be mentioned once the deal is finalized, and both Winamp and Shoutcast get a new home.

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