project-ara[CES 2014] ZTE has come up with its fair share of devices in the past, especially smartphones and to a certain extent, tablets, but what they have done with this proof-of-concept known as the ZTE Eco-Mobius is equally interesting, or perhaps even more so. While this particular concept does look interesting on the CES showfloor, it does not seem as though ZTE has any intent to fully commit themselves to the Eco-Mobius project in any particular manner. Rather, the whole idea of the Eco-Mobius would be to showcase just how a modular smartphone might look like, as well as how it might all come and fit together.

With the ZTE Eco-Mobius, it depicts just how the “core” modules are all able to be swapped out. And when I mention “core” modules here, I’m really serious – it includes the likes of a camera, CPU, GPU, RAM, and ROM. The whole idea behind this modular capability is to reduce the amount of waste by enabling individual pieces to be replaced, instead of purchasing a whole new smartphone yet again after a year or two. What do you think of the idea of a modular smartphone, and should it be extended to the world of tablets as well? Image courtesy of The Verge.

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