pininfarina-penWe’re sure many of us have experience the frustration when it comes to writing with a pen, only to find out that we’re completely out of ink, or that the ink in the pen has dried thus rendering it completely useless. That being said, wouldn’t it be awesome if we had a pen that would basically last forever? Well that’s pretty much what Pininfarina has done when they created their 4.EVER Pininfarina Cambiano writing instrument. The pen, instead of featuring a ballpoint nib will instead feature an ethergraph nib which is a special metal alloy that has the ability to leave a trail behind on a piece of paper, much like a pen.


The best part is that this writing instrument will never need sharpening and will supposed last forever. Pininfarina is a company that is known for turning exotic cars, such as Ferraris, into works of art and while we have no idea how much the 4.EVER writing instrument will cost, based on the company’s previous writing instrument endeavors, safe to say you might be looking at around the €1,000 mark. Yes, that is pretty expensive, but think about all the money you would save from not having to buy pen refills or new pens when the old ones stop working!

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