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Awesome Pininfarina Pen Never Needs A Refill
We’re sure many of us have experience the frustration when it comes to writing with a pen, only to find out that we’re completely out of ink, or that the ink in the pen has dried thus rendering it completely useless. That being said, wouldn’t it be awesome if we had a pen that would basically last forever? Well that’s pretty much what Pininfarina has done when they created their […]

This lavish Told U So yacht features rooms that are controlled by an iPad
Summer is underway. It’s the perfect time to talk about the beach and yes, lavish yachts. One yacht that sticks in our mind right now is Benetti’s Told U So 145 super yacht that is the work of Kirk Lazarus, an entrepreneur and designer, in partnership with the Italian firm Molori Design. The super yacht  features five sleeping cabins, a living room with a soft leather sofa, a retractable glass […]

Yves Saint Laurent iPad case is luxurious
When it comes to cases or sleeves for the iPad, there are plenty to go around, but if you feel that you’ve got the extra cash to splash or if you feel that the current casings and sleeves for the iPad are a bit too ugly or boring for your tastes, you might want to take a look at Yves Saint Laurent’s iPad casing.

Dream Watch 4 iPhone casing looks futuristic
For those with a lot of spare cash to spend, they may want to take a look at De Bethune’s iPhone casing, which apparently they dedicated to Apple’s late co-founder and CEO, Steve Jobs. The case is dubbed the DW4, aka the Dream Watch 4 and will be made out of bead-blasted titanium along with an embedded mechanical watch in the back.


Hugo Boss edition of the Samsung Galaxy Ace for the brand conscious
So we know that LG from time to time works with luxury fashion brand Prada for their phones, but now it looks like Samsung wants to get in on the luxury brand bandwagon as well with the Samsung Galaxy Ace Hugo Boss version. In terms of design, the handset has been revised slightly to give off a more luxurious feel, and as you can see, it also sports the Hugo […]

Blackberry Porsche P'9881 announced
A week ago we reported that thanks to an invitation, it appears that RIM and Porsche had plans to hold an event to unveil a new product. Unless Porsche was planning on releasing a new Porsche Blackberry sports car, it left little to the imagination at what sort of announcement that both companies were going to make, and now it is official. Both RIM and Porsche have announced the new […]

RIM to launch Porsche inspired Blackberry phone?
With Blackberry devices being less popular than they were before, and their market share shrinking, we’re not sure if a Porsche inspired design will change anything, but who knows, perhaps this will be able to appeal to current Blackberry loyalists who may be looking forward to a new and exclusive design.

Bentley offers Apple package in Mulsanne concept vehicle
When you think Bentley, you think luxury, and with our cars starting to feature more and more integration with our smartphones and tablets, it looks like Bentley may have taken it to the next level with a Mac Mini integration in their concept Mulsanne flagship luxury vehicle that was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

HiCan bed costs a lot more than it should
Are you willing to pay an exorbitant amount of cash to have some fancy bed in your bedroom? If you are, you might want to give HiCan some of that money for its High fidelity Canopy bed that is touted to let you “enjoy your bed like never before”. Nevermind the fact that the sum of all the individual parts costs less than the bed itself, ($60,000+) which is enough […]

Gold History Edition iPad 2 has dinosaur fragments in it
We’re not sure what it is about iOS devices which seems to make people want to bling them out, but if you have £5 million to spare (which roughly converts to about $8 million) then perhaps this blinged out iPad 2 might be something worth considering.

Epitaph Cruiser luxury bicycle will cost you $3,000
When it comes to luxury vehicles, it’s not just limited to cars, and with the Epitaph Cruiser by Autum, it appears that luxury can be extended to bicycles as well. Perhaps if the price of a luxury car is a bit out of your range, perhaps you might be willing to consider a luxury bicycle that will not only save you a ton of money on gas prices, but also […]

Louis Vuitton Release iPhone 4 Cases
How much do you love your brands? If you’re decked out in an Armani suit with a Hermes tie, sporting a Prada belt with matching Gucci leather shoes to match, the only thing you would be missing is a Louis Vuitton case for your iPhone 4. If that sounds good to you then you will be glad to know that Louis Vuitton has not released one, not two, but FOUR […]

Eurocopter EC145 Benz-inspired luxury helicopter flies you around in style
Eurocopter first unveiled the EC145 Mercedes-Benz style multi-purpose helicopter concept last year at the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva. And now, after a year of hard work, Eurocopter has completed work on the helicopter and is ready to take to the skies. Inspired by Mercedes-Benz this helicopter is an embodiment of style in the air.

Gresso Luxor World Time Phone Features Six Clocks
One thing is for sure- when you have money to spend, there are always things for you to buy. Gresso has just launched their new limited edition phone- the Luxor World Time, and time doesn’t come cheap. This posh phone comes with 6 independent Swiss clockwork mechanisms for you to tell the time of 5 major cities around the world and one for you to set to your home or […]