batman-arkham-origins-deathstrokeFor gamers who have been playing Batman: Arkham Origins, you may or may not have noticed that the game is somewhat buggy. However it is expected of most games where there are bound to be minor bugs that might have been missed, but at the same time, Arkham Origins also have some game breaking bugs, such as corrupted save files, repeated crashes in certain parts of the games, being locked out of missions and so on. Naturally one would expect Warner Bros. Games Montreal to get on those bugs ASAP, right? Oddly enough that does not seem to be the case.


Posting on the game’s official forums, a community manager revealed that the developers are currently working on pushing out a new DLC for the game, and that a patch to address these bugs isn’t being worked on at the moment. “The team is currently working hard on the upcoming story DLC and there currently are no plans for releasing another patch to address the issues that have been reported on the forums.” 

The post then continues to read, “If we do move forward with creating a new patch, it will try to address the progression blocking bugs for players, not the minor glitches that do not prevent one from continuing to play. The issues that are not progression blockers will unfortunately no longer be addressed. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused for some of you, and want to thank you for having been patient.” Bugs big or small should always be addressed and we’re sure that more than a fair share of gamers are probably a little upset by this, but hopefully they will have a change of heart.

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