bioshock-infinite-available-nowSome gamers might have heard by now that BioShock developer, Irrational Games, will be shutting down. While this is bad news for the staff of Irrational Games, the good news is that the BioShock franchise will continue to live on via 2K Games, a subsidiary of Take-Two who is also the parent company of Irrational Games. Now we’re not sure when the next BioShock title will be made by 2K Games, but at the same time there are some gamers who are wondering about the fate of the BioShock Vita game which was announced about three years ago.

The bad news is that while the Vita game has not been cancelled, it does not appear to be being worked on either. This is according to a 2K Games rep who spoke to the folks at CVG and stated that the company had “no update” on the status of the game. BioShock for the Vita was originally shown off at 2011 but even after a couple of years, no deal was able to be struck up between Sony and Take-Two. However in 2011, Irrational Games did toy with the idea of outsourcing the development of BioShock Vita to another company, but only if the outsourced studio would be able to hit the level of quality that meets Irrational Games’ standards.

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