classic-arcade-wristwatchDo you think back of the good old days when you spent your time and money in a dark and smelly arcade? The arcade cabinet would surely carry plenty of significance in your life, and ThinkGeek hopes for you to revisit your past with the $59.99 Classic Arcade Wristwatch. This unique timepiece would be able to tell the time using a pair of moving asteroids alongside a spaceship. As for the fictional game on display, it is known as “Galactic Defense”.

It would have been even cooler if the Classic Arcade Wristwatch had an actual game on it which was playable, now that would have been worth every penny. The space rocks happen to take the place of hours and minutes hands, where the spaceship itself would function as the seconds hand – which makes sense, obviously. Pressing the Fire button would light up the hour indicators and marquee in red, all the while making the famous “pew” noise. As for the joystick, it cannot be used to perform any hadoukens as it is strictly ornamental, but your imagination’s the limit! While it might not be able to play any games, you can still charge a quarter to anyone who wants to get a closer look at the Classic Arcade Wristwatch for old times’ sake.

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