The love of a parent is always something worth beholding, as you can never quite tell just how deep that love runs. Facebook as a corporation recently ran into such an irresistible force, as the social network agreed to come up with a Look Back video of a deceased man after the man’s father recorded a tearful plea on YouTube which went viral not too long after, and you can view the video above yourself to see whether your heart strings are tugged or not.

Just what is a Look Back video, you ask? Well, this particular video will take up slightly more than a minute, where Facebook users will be able to take their most significant moments on Facebook and patch them together into a single video. This particular feature was made available to the masses as part of Facebook’s way to commemorate their 10th anniversary. John Berlin, the deceased man’s dad, shared in his video, “All we want to do is see his movie. That’s it.”, which has already garnered over 700,000 views as of this morning.

Berlin tried to e-mail Facebook in the beginning but ended up with nothing apart from an automated response. He tweeted at Mark Zuckerberg to no avail, and decided to go for the video route since some of these tend to go viral at times. I’m sure Facebook would have won some brownie points as well among neutral onlookers.

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