Out of all the mobile platforms, both Android and iOS enjoy the greatest degree of support, and by that, it also translates to the number of games which are revealed on both platforms. As for Windows Phone, well, reception in that particular department has proved itself to be rather lukewarm, but this does not mean that major titles still do not make its way there. FIFA 14, a title that has surpassed 26 million mobile downloads at the end of last year, has finally arrived on the Windows Phone platform for soccer fans worldwide.

Do expect to enjoy the silky smooth skills of Lionel Messi in FIFA 14 for Windows Phone, where you will also have over 16,000 real soccer players from 34 different leagues to choose from. Not only that, control Manchester United’s destiny in the virtual world and show David Moyes how it is done as you duke it out with the other 600 plus licensed teams. This free-to-play title will run on all Windows Phone 8 devices that have a minimum of 1GB RAM underneath the hood. There will be different modes for you to unlock, and in order to do so, the best way would be to pony up additional dough along the way. Do you prefer the freemium model that FIFA 2014 employs, or would rather fork out a larger sum of money from the get go and enjoy the full game instead?

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