flappy-dogeAs you might have heard to your dismay, Flappy Bird is gone for good as its developer has since removed the game from all the app stores. However the good news is that there are tons of alternatives out there, but in case you didn’t want to spend any money or maybe not have to deal with ads, how does a browser version of Flappy Bird sound to you? If you like that idea, you might be pleased to learn that a variant of Flappy Bird has made its way onto the web in the form of Flappy Doge.

The game will play exactly like Flappy Bird (although admittedly it does not feel as responsive but it is pretty close), but instead of it featuring a pixelated bird, it will instead feature a pixelated Shiba Inu dog, or “doge” if you’d rather, who for those unfamiliar has become a meme. Flappy Doge is free to play and does not come with any ads, so if you’re looking for a Flappy Bird replacement that you can play on your browser, hit up the Flappy Doge website for the game! So, what’s your best score folks?

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