Time and time again an app launches that instantly shoots to global fame in a matter of days. It may be a game or something as simple as a news reader, that particular app holds on to the spotlight no matter what the region or market is. The perfect example from the past is Angry Birds which is now nothing short of a global phenomenon. One recent example is Flappy Bird, an intense, addictive and often infuriating game that debuted on iOS. The developer has now confirmed that Flappy Bird Windows Phone release is going to take place “in 10 days.”

Developer Dong Nguyen was answering queries from fans on Twitter, which is where he revealed in a response that Flappy Bird for Windows Phone is yet to be approved by Microsoft. He estimates that it could take 10 days for the app to launch, seeing as how it has to go through the approval process. Earlier this week, Flappy Bird was released for Android devices. Its slowly making its way to other platforms as well, as Flappy Bird continues to make waves on social media. Players find the retro-style graphics and challenging controls quite entertaining to say the least. No word as yet if the developer is considering bringing the game over to BlackBerry 10 as well.

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