iphone2g-640x415While phones will full touchscreen displays have been around before the launch of the first-generation iPhone, they weren’t particularly nice to use, partly due to the fact that these touchscreen devices still relied on resistive touchscreen displays, versus capacitive which was used by the iPhone.


What this meant is that the touch wasn’t as smooth, fluid, or intuitive. If you’ve used one of those phones before, you know what we’re talking about. That being said, it’s safe to say that the launch of the first iPhone really shook up the mobile industry and it is something that Apple should be proud of, but it seems that not everyone feels that way.

Ex-Apple senior direct of product marketing, Bob Borchers, was recently quoted as saying, “If you had the original iPhone, I apologize; it was not a great phone, it was an OK phone.”

Borchers now works for Dolby as their chief marketing officer, and according to him, he felt that there were certain mistakes that Apple had made in putting together and marketing the original iPhone. He claims that user experience was prioritized over technology, which was a mistake.

“There were three value propositions in order of importance: a revolutionary phone, the best iPod ever and the Internet in your pocket but in fact it should have been the reverse. Having the Internet in your pocket was the most important.” However at that time, the iPhone still relied on EDGE connectivity, which let’s face it, wasn’t very fast.

It was when the iPhone 3G was launched with 3G connectivity that things really kicked off in a big way, along with the help of the app community which helped to grow the iOS ecosystem into what it is today. What do you guys think? Does Apple really have anything to be sorry about?

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