htc-babelThe Tower of Babel has proven to be the place where humanity dispersed around the known world back then, each of them being confused because their languages were all mixed up, at least according to Biblical sources. Hopefully there will be no confusion at all with the HTC Babel, which is a conceptual tablet that comes in a 10” form factor. This particular HTC Babel concept hails from the brain of Facebook user Phone Designer, who decided to take HTC’s design aesthetics and come up with a rendering of a very thin and sleek-looking tablet which will be able to dual boot into either Windows or Android.

This certainly sounds like quite the novel idea, and I am quite sure that the general masses would not mind seeing another tablet hit the market. After all, there is always room for one more, and HTC’s previous outings in the tablet department did not really impress all that much. In the HTC Babel concept, it points to a 10” display that has two possible resolutions: 1920 x 1440p and 2560 x 1920p. Sporting an aluminum body, it does look pretty close to the HTC One. Will we ever see it hit the market? Probably not, so enjoy what one can at the moment.

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