BlackBerry-LogoIt is no secret that BlackBerry isn’t so hot at the moment as they are losing sales even in markets that they once dominated, but hopefully under the leadership of the company’s new CEO, John Chen, things will start looking up for the Canadian company, but in the meantime it looks like the company will just have to ride out the storm. According to a recent report from research company, IDC, it has been revealed that BlackBerry’s marketshare for smartphones in Q4 2013 has been revealed to be at a low of 0.6%. In a way this is “good news” as a previous report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners have put BlackBerry at 0% last month.

Of course we doubt that it is truly 0%, but perhaps the numbers were so low that it might not have been worth mentioning. However this is still bad news for BlackBerry as the IDC had put BlackBerry’s marketshare at 3.2% a year ago, suggesting that the company’s marketshare had fallen by 2.6% over a year. Like we said things aren’t looking so hot for the Canadian company at the moment, but everyone loves a good comeback story and hopefully BlackBerry and its new CEO will be able to oblige the masses with a good one. In the meantime what do you guys think of BlackBerry’s situation for 2014? Or will John Chen need more than a year to turn things around?

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