intel-ceoAs it stands, Intel’s chips power most of the computers around the world. In fact it was almost a decade ago that Apple made the move to Intel processors for their Mac computers, but as ARM-powered devices are starting to gain more ground in society today, there have been rumors that Apple could be turning away from Intel to lessen their reliance on the chip manufacturer. Instead, the rumors suggest that Apple is exploring how to use ARM in their Mac computers. Of course there would most certainly be drawbacks if Apple were ever to do this, which we guess might have prompted one Redditor to ask Intel’s CEO, Brian Krzanich, on how their relationship with Apple is.


Taking part in a Reddit AMA, Krzanich replied to the question by saying, “We’ve always had a very close relationship with Apple and it continues to grow closer. Sure (it’s) grown close over the years, especially since… they started to use our technology in their systems.” As it stands it does make sense for Apple to keep using Intel chips as most apps used today on computers have been designed and optimized for such chipsets in mind, although we guess it still is a pretty entertaining notion to think that perhaps one day in the future, we might start seeing Apple’s own A-series of SoCs powering future Mac computers.

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