car-killswitchHow does a remote kill switch for your car sound to you? Pretty good actually when you first think about it – should someone make an attempt to steal your ride, you can just shut off the engine, locate your vehicle via GPS and retrieve it safe and sound. In fact, in services such as OnStar, a kill switch is one of the options that you can own for the added peace of mind, especially when your ride happens to be an expensive one. Down the road, however, European Union (EU) residents might not be the only ones who will be able to kill off their car’s engine at their whim and fancy. We have received word that European authorities intend to work on a “secret” project (not so secret after all if the mainstream media are able to get a whiff of it) which will install kill switches in all new cars that operate within a country’s borders. The whole idea behind this is to put a stop to high-speed chases which could prove dangerous for pedestrians and police officers.


These kill switches will be able to be activated by an officer at a central police headquarters, but there lies a potential problem. Without proper supervision or knowledge, officers could abuse their power by shutting off the engines of any one who is pulled over, whether that person is guilty or not. Do you think that authorities themselves would be over their heads if they were to implement this kill switch in all new cars? And here we are thinking that the kill switch is limited to smartphones most of the time.

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