ibeacon-131206Apple’s iBeacon technology is a pretty interesting one as it opens up the possibility to use in a variety of situations. Originally designed to help shoppers navigate their way through Apple’s retail stores, it has since been used in grocery stores, as a scavenger hunt, and was even used as part of a game, showing that the technology could be adapted in a variety of scenarios. That being said, here’s one more way that it can be used – in a stadium. Major League Baseball was recently revealed that they have completed outfitting two stadiums with iBeacon technology and have also completing testing it out as well.

According to MLB, 65 iBeacons have been placed at the Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles, and Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres. The MLB have also revealed their plans to have over 20 parks outfitted by Opening Day. In order to take advantage of iBeacon’s features, stadium goers will need to have an iOS 7 device with Bluetooth 4.0, which is pretty much the iPhone 4S and onwards. Basically what iBeacon does is that it takes advantage of Bluetooth and when someone with a compatible device comes near, they will be alerted with notifications. In the case of the grocery stores, shoppers will be alerted about certain deals regarding certain products. It is unclear what sort of notifications MLB will serve up, but they expect to unveil all of that in March.

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