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Google Here Was A Rumored Secret Project Similar To Apple’s iBeacon
While iBeacon has yet to become more mainstream, you’ve probably heard stories of how it has been used for all sorts of purposes. Basically for those unfamiliar with iBeacon, it relies on Bluetooth and your proximity. Say you enter a store which has iBeacon. From there your phone could then be prompted about deals the store has today and so on.As it turns out, it seems that Google had something […]

Cleveland Cavaliers Brings iBeacon Technology To Their Arena
Apple’s iBeacon technology is a great way for retail stores and locations to push notifications onto mobile devices, informing them of promotions and whatnot. Previously we had seen the MLB rollout the iBeacon technology to two stadiums, and it looks like for basketball fans, the Cleveland Cavaliers wants in on the fun as well.The team has recently announced that they will be rolling out iBeacon technology at their Quicken Loans […]

Samsung Takes On iBeacon With Proximity
With the iBeacon platform Apple allows businesses and retailers to push local alerts to people within a particular store or stadium, which is an easy way of informing them about a sale or promotion. Samsung has decided to come up with a direct competitor which its called Proximity. The aim with Proximity is more or less than same, and so is the underlying technology.

First-party Apple iBeacon Hardware Spotted At The FCC
Last week we reported that according to an analytics firm, they predicted that Apple would ship about 60 million iBeacon devices by 2019. However they note that due to the fact that Apple does not actually make the iBeacon devices themselves, the overall profits over the next few years is not as high as it could be, but is that something Apple could be changing in the near future?Well thanks […]


EasyJet To Utilize iBeacon Technology For Passenger Reminders
According to a recent report from ABI Research, the analytics firm expects that Apple’s iBeacon technology will be taking off in a big way, going as far as to estimate shipments of 60 million by 2019. Well if you’re looking for more ways for iBeacon to be used, budget airline easyJet has just found a way to make use of the technology.The airline company will be rolling out an updated […]

iBeacon Shipments Expect To Reach 60 Million In 2019
While Apple’s iBeacon technology might not necessarily be as widely heralded compared to Apple’s other products and services, like the iPhone, iPad, Siri, and so on, it has quietly been gaining a fair amount of traction, to the point where ABI Research believes that come 2019, Apple would have shipped over 60 million iBeacon devices across the US.For those wondering about the iBeacon technology, it’s basically where venues can install […]

Apple To Share More iBeacon News At WWDC 2014 [Rumor]
Apple’s iBeacon technology was revealed in WWDC 2013 and according to a report from The Wall Street Journal, it seems that Apple has more details about the technology that they are planning on sharing at WWDC 2014. They also state that Apple will be placing iBeacon transmitters across the Moscone Center that will help teach developers on how to better implement the technology in their apps and services.Unfortunately apart from […]

Apple's Biometric EarPods Are Not Exactly A Secret
Earlier this week someone posted on the anonymous revelation app Secret that Apple is developing a new line of biometric EarPods that will be capable of measuring heart rate and blood pressure. The poster also claimed that iBeacon technology would be incorporated in them so that it would be easy to locate them if they went missing. It turns out all that isn’t exactly a secret, just a hoax someone cooked up […]

Virgin Atlantic To Incorporate The Use Of iBeacon Technology
iBeacon has been gaining quite a bit of popularity these days and we have seen it used in a variety of situations, with the latest being a pub crawl that uses iBeacon to reward patrons with drinks, food, achievements, and so on. Well the next time you fly Virgin Atlantic to and from London’s Heathrow airport, expect to look forward to a more personalized experience, thanks to the installation of […]

NYC Bars Use iBeacon To Make Pub Crawls More High-Tech
Pub crawls are nothing new and we’re sure many of you guys have participated in them before. However for some we can only imagine that staying put in one location might be more preferred, as opposed to traveling to multiple bars in a single night because the more drunk you are, the harder it gets to get to the next location!That being said, it seems that several bars in NYC […]

Tzukuri Sunglasses Will Use iBeacon To Help You Locate Them
Sunglasses can be easily misplaced and we’re sure there are more than a few of us out there who have lost multiple sunglasses in the past. We could have left them in a restaurant, in school, at the office, or they might have fallen behind a table at home, and so on. Replacing sunglasses can be pretty expensive but a company by the name of Tzukuri is planning on making […]

iBeacon Technology To Be Used In UN Exhibit On Landmines
iBeacon is an interesting piece of technology that we’ve seen applied to a variety of scenarios, such as to help enhance the shopping experience and applied even for gaming. Now it seems that the use of iBeacon could be applied towards education where it will be used in the New Museum in New York City on the 4th of April.This is in conjunction with the UN’s International Day for Mine […]

MLB Completes Rollout Of iBeacon To Two Stadiums
Apple’s iBeacon technology is a pretty interesting one as it opens up the possibility to use in a variety of situations. Originally designed to help shoppers navigate their way through Apple’s retail stores, it has since been used in grocery stores, as a scavenger hunt, and was even used as part of a game, showing that the technology could be adapted in a variety of scenarios. That being said, here’s […]

iBeacon Technology To Be Rolled Out Across 100 American Eagle Stores
iBeacon is a technology developed by Apple to be used in their retail stores, but we have started to see how it can be applied to other things. This includes being used in games and also in scavenger hunts, and also in supermarkets, and it seems that whatever the appeal is, it is definitely catching on as Shopkick has announced that they will be starting an iBeacon trial at 100 […]

Developer Turns To iBeacon For Gaming
iBeacon is an interesting piece of technology that so far has been used in retail settings. It was first rolled out to Apple’s own retail stores where the technology would help guide shoppers around, and it was also recently used by the origanizers of CES 2014 to create a scavenger hunt, and we are also seeing its implementation in some supermarkets in the US where it will alert customers to […]

Grocery Stores In The US To Incorporate iBeacon Technology
Apple introduced iBeacon technology to its retail stores as a means to help shoppers find what they want and direct them around an otherwise rather busy store. This technology was also introduced at CES 2014 as part of a scavenger hunt, and now it looks like Apple’s iBeacon technology is starting to gain a fair amount of traction as dozens of grocery stores around the US have started to roll […]

Apple's iBeacon Technology To Be Used In Scavenger Hunt At CES 2014
Apple has not attended CES for years, more than a decade even, but it seems that despite not being there physically, their presence will definitely be felt come CES 2014 as the event organizers have announced that they plan to hold a special scavenger hunt that will utilize Apple’s iBeacon technology which will introduce to both exhibitors and attendees to Apple’s new location-aware technology which the Cupertino company has recently […]

Apple iBeacon Deployed To 254 Stores To Help Guide Shoppers
Those who have ventured into an Apple Store know how challenging it can be to navigate through as there are usually a ton of products on several tables available at the entrance, making the process of buying a new Lightning charging cable difficult to carry out on your own. You could actually talk to an Apple Store employee, but Apple knows how much we all hate any form of human […]