Those who have ventured into an Apple Store know how challenging it can be to navigate through as there are usually a ton of products on several tables available at the entrance, making the process of buying a new Lightning charging cable difficult to carry out on your own. You could actually talk to an Apple Store employee, but Apple knows how much we all hate any form of human interaction, so they are implementing a new service that will help guide shoppers through their store. 

Apple’s iBeacon is being rolled out to a total of 254 retail stores across the U.S. The way it’s able to direct patrons is through the use of Bluetooth technology as shoppers are guided to where they need to be within the Apple Store to conduct their business at hand.

iBeacon isn’t just a guide, but it can also help keep you informed of when your order is ready to be picked up and can even inform you when you can upgrade to a new iPhone as you walk by the store. Those who would prefer not to be tracked will be happy to know you’ll need to give Apple permission for its iBeacon to work on your device and can be adjusted to specific distances.

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