YouTube, a property of Internet search giant Google, has certainly done its fair share of work to improve the mobile versions of its products and services. In theory, these web versions of their products will be able to run on just about any HTML5 browser regardless of the platform, and it seems as though Google is now working on the mobile version of YouTube’s user interface. This particular user interface update for its YouTube app would most probably see the card UI which Google has been working on a whole lot in recent times.

This particular card-based user interface no doubt has the signature of a certain Matias Duarte, who previously used a card UI as he worked on webOS, and to see it arriving on the mobile YouTube website eventually does bring a glimmer of hope to the heart. For those who have recently made use of the YouTube app on Android or iOS, you would find that the website is rather similar.

This particular content will be split up into cards, where you would be able to enjoy both video and information as a single card, while there is also the comments card which is located at the bottom of the page. Not only that, the video thumbnails are also a wee a bit bigger in size, making the entire layout more pleasant.

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