Shoutout to all Pokemon fans around the world! Do you think that you know about every single Pokemon in existence? Do you? Well it seems that Nintendo might have a couple of new Pokemon up their sleeves that have actually been hiding in plain view. This is thanks to a fan, who after the launch of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, decided to poke around the game’s files, only to discover that there could potentially be three new Pokemons and two new Mega Evolutions that Nintendo has yet to officially announce, at least until recently.

Nintendo has taken to YouTube to officially reveal the hidden Pokemon that was hiding in their game files ever since. The company has officially revealed one of the hidden Pokemon which has been revealed to be a mythical Pokemon known as Diancie which has been described as a Rock and Fairy Pokemon. Additional details of this Pokemon is expected to be unveiled soon, but in the meantime if you want to check out Diancie in battle, check out the short teaser video above for the details. Either way stay tuned as hopefully over the next couple of days/weeks Nintendo will have more details about the new Pokemon! In the meantime who’s excited?

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