nokia-x-hands-on-05When Nokia first unveiled the Nokia X and its forked version of Android, we were immediately reminded of Amazon. Not because they shared similar traits or design, but the fact that it would be possible to flash a custom ROM onto it, root, and basically take away the forked version of Android and eventually replace it with something more familiar.

That being said, it seems that whatever we mentioned above is well underway as reports have claimed that the developer units of the Nokia X have since been rooted. What this means is that developers who have the phone will be able to install and add other apps onto the system that they previously couldn’t, like Google’s services.

The root was achieved thanks to the Framaroot app and if you’re ever planning on getting your hands on the Nokia X sometime down the road, perhaps that is an app you’ll want to take note of. Of course at the same time it should be noted that the Nokia X doesn’t exactly pack the best specs as far as Android devices are concerned.

In fact if we had to describe the Nokia X handsets, we’d say that they are mid-ranged at best. However if you’re missing apps and if you think that Nokia is taking too long to populate their app store, perhaps this is one way you can go about ensuring that you will have access to all your favorite apps on the Google Play Store.

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