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Nokia X Launch Possibly Confirmed For May 16th
The original Nokia X handsets came out many moons ago but recent reports have suggested that HMD Global could be revising the lineup this year. New evidence has surfaced which suggests that the Nokia X is going to be officially launched on May 16th. The handset is also going to be HMD Global’s first Nokia-branded smartphone with a display notch.HMD Global has a five-day event in Beijing where it’s showing […]

Nokia X Platform Receives Update
Nokia has been rocking the smartphone world with its fair share of Windows Phone devices in the past, but they did deviate somewhat with their collection of Android-powered Nokia X smartphones, too. Well, it does not look as though the Nokia X range is doing too well at the moment though, and the range’s future is rather bleak to boot. Still, this does not mean that Nokia is going to […]

Android Powered Nokia X Devices To Use Windows In The Future
When rumors first started circulating that Nokia would be launching an Android powered device many people didn’t believe it. The Finnish manufacturer had been exclusively making Windows Phone powered smartphones, the platform that it chose over its own homegrown platform. But the Nokia X lineup was unveiled and even though it was a highly forked version the underlying software was Android nonetheless. Now it appears that Microsoft is ending its […]

Nokia X Lineup Won't Be Updated To X Platform 2.0
Nokia showed off its first Android devices back at the Mobile World Congress earlier this year. Dubbed Nokia X the lineup consists of three models, Nokia X, X+ and the XL. There’s bad news for those who have a Nokia X. Microsoft won’t be updating it to X Platform 2.0. Microsoft, which owns Nokia’s devices business now, officially launched the Nokia X2 earlier today.


Opera Is Now The Default Browser For Nokia X Devices
Who would have thought that Nokia would make an Android device. The formerly Finnish manufacturer had been exclusively making Windows Phone powered smartphones for the last few years but it surprised us all with the launch of Nokia X earlier this year. The entire family runs on a heavily modified version of Android and is geared for the mid-range market segment. Following today’s launch of the new Nokia X successor, […]

Next-Gen Nokia X Phones To Gain Home Button (Rumor)
While Microsoft’s complete and total acquisition of Nokia’s Devices and Service division finished in April last month, this does not mean that Nokia will no longer work on Android-powered smartphones. In one of the latest reports from BGR India, it seems that there will be a next generation Nokia X range that are in the works, where these rumored handsets are touted to arrive with a built-in home button, now […]

Microsoft Won't Kill Nokia's Android Lineup Immediately
Earlier this year Nokia finally launched its much rumored Android lineup, the Nokia X. Even though these smartphones technically run Android, the OS has been heavily forked and modified to look a lot like Windows Phone. Despite rumors that Microsoft wasn’t too happy about Nokia’s Android ambitions, it appears that Redmond won’t gut the lineup immediately. Microsoft has already completed the acquisition of Nokia’s devices and services business which will now […]

Nokia X Custom Android ROM Revealed
When the Nokia X was announced at the end of February this year, many people were surprised to find out that this happens to be the first Android-powered device from Nokia, who have stood by Windows Phone staunchly before that. While it is not exactly a true blue Android-powered device as it runs on a forked version of the mobile platform, this does not mean that the Nokia X would […]

Nokia X Production Reportedly Moved From India To China
Most countries have more or less given their blessing for the Microsoft/Nokia deal to proceed, but as it stands, India is one of the countries that is still standing in the way of the deal being approved. The reason is apparently due to tax that the Indian government claims Nokia owes them.The deal could proceed, but only if Nokia is willing to fork out a huge amount of money to […]

WhatsApp And Instagram On The Nokia X
For those of you who have already decided to go with Android inspired Nokia X, then you would be interested to hear that both WhatsApp as well as Instagram are on its way to the affordable and yet versatile smartphone. After all, WhatsApp and Instagram happen to be rather popular apps in their own right, so it is a no-brainer to see WhatsApp and Instagram make an appearance on the […]

Nokia XL And X+ Sports Pre-loaded 4GB microSD Card
The Android-based Nokia X has already gone on sale in selected markets worldwide, while there are another two Android-based smartphones which were announced by Nokia last month, which would be the Nokia X+ and Nokia XL. It is a good thing to take note of, however, that the Nokia XL and Nokia X+ will come with 4GB MicroSD cards pre-installed quite unlike the Nokia X, so users need not have […]

1 Million Nokia X Pre-Orders Does Not Translate To 1 Million Sales
There is always the novelty of something new that captures the imagination of the masses, and when it comes to the Nokia X which has partnered with Android, here we are with a possible winner on Nokia’s hands – despite the fact that they have been running on the Windows Phone operating system for what seems to be the longest time already. It was yesterday when we brought you word […]

Nokia X Sees 1 Million Pre-Orders In China
Back in February during MWC 2014, Nokia took the wraps off a trio of Android handsets called the Nokia X, Nokia X+, and the Nokia XL. All three devices weren’t high-end by any means, but were considered to be low-mid ranged, but that’s not a bad thing since this would essentially allow Nokia to compete with the likes of Samsung who has a slew of low-end handsets as well.Interestingly enough […]

Nokia X Will Be Hitting Malaysia First This Week For $121
At MWC 2014, Nokia “surprised” everyone by launching their series of Nokia X Android devices. The lineup currently consists of a trio of handsets in the form of the Nokia X, the Nokia X+, and the Nokia XL. Oddly enough Nokia has decided that these handsets would not be gracing the shelves of regions such as the US, Canada, Japan, and South Korea.We’re not sure why that is given that […]

HTC HD2 Runs Nokia X Android Build...Somewhat
The HTC HD2 is certainly one particular smartphone that has seen its fair bit of action in the past. And by “fair bit of action”, I mean the numerous ports that have made their way onto the smartphone which was first released in 2009 (boy, has it been nearly 5 years already?), where it ran on Windows Mobile 6.5 back then. Windows Mobile has been no more for quite some […]

Nokia X's App Store Ported Onto Jolla Smartphone
Just the other day, we saw the Nokia X rooted and have Google apps installed on the phone. This is actually a pretty big deal because with the Nokia X running on a forked version of Android, this meant that unlike other Android phones, the Nokia X would not, by default, have access to Google apps and services that come preinstalled on Android phones.Now according to reports, it seems that […]

Nokia X Rooted, Google Apps Installed
When Nokia first unveiled the Nokia X and its forked version of Android, we were immediately reminded of Amazon. Not because they shared similar traits or design, but the fact that it would be possible to flash a custom ROM onto it, root, and basically take away the forked version of Android and eventually replace it with something more familiar.That being said, it seems that whatever we mentioned above is […]

Nokia X To Come Preloaded With Line Messaging App
Back at MWC 2014, Nokia surprised everyone by announcing the Nokia X series of Android handsets. An odd move by a company who has not been shy to throw their eggs into the Windows Phone basket, and for a company on the cusp of being acquired by Microsoft, who coincidentally enough owns the Windows Phone platform that Nokia uses on the majority of their smartphones.That being said, with the Nokia […]

Skype For Nokia X Created
Skype has been quite the VoIP app that has plenty of staying power over the years, and I am quite sure that many happily married couples today have had the privilege of using this particular app in the past to keep in touch, especially when they are separated by thousands of miles. “Have Internet, will Skype” could be the mantra for the connected generation. Well, here we are with word […]

SwiftKey For Nokia X Will Be Available Free Of Charge
The Google Play Store is full of custom Android keyboards but only few are as well known as SwiftKey, which bills itself as the “world’s smartest predictive keyboard.” This premium keyboard, which costs $3.99 on the Play Store, is certainly a popular choice with Android users. Those who switch to Nokia’s new Android phones will fortunately be getting SwiftKey for free.