It has been over thirty years since the movie Top Gun came out. Its certainly a classic with a substantial fan following that exists to this very day. Starring Tom Cruise as the daredevil elite fighter pilot of the U.S. Navy, the movie runs for some 110 minutes and is certainly a joy to watch.Recently a Twitter account going by @555uhz has been exposing the world to Tony Scott’s acclaimed movie in an entirely different way, by tweeting it frame by frame. This has been going on for about a month and will certainly continue to go on for many more to come. As hilarious as it is, Paramount Pictures won’t have none of it, so a DMCA has been fired off to Twitter demanding that it take these tweets down.

So far @555uhz has sent out more than 1,500 tweets, depicting the movie frame by frame. It has amassed nearly 7,000 followers, who it appears are rather enjoying this trip down memory lane. Since Paramount is the owner of copyright and other intellectual property rights related to the Top Gun movie, no one technically has the permission to copy, reproduce or distribute Top Gun without its explicit consent.Thus the DMCA notice requests Twitter to “remove all the Top Gun images” that have been tweeted by @555uhz. While Twitter appears to have processed the notice already, it hasn’t taken down any tweets as of this writing, and the movie continues to play out frame by frame.

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