When you are sleeping, chances are you have plugged your phone in to charge for the night. However since you are sleeping, it also means that your phone is not being used, meaning that there is a lot of unused processing power. But what if you could “share” that processing power in the name of science? Would that be something you might be interested in? If you are, perhaps you might be interested in downloading a new app by Samsung called Power Sleep. The app itself is pretty straightforward as it is more or less an alarm clock. However underneath the alarm clock facade is a method in which unused CPU cycles would help to create a supercloud computer which will be made accessible to researchers all over the world.

This is a joint effort by Samsung and Cheil Worldwide in which the app would use unused CPU cycles to help compute protein calculations that will be used to help find a cure for diseases like Alzheimer’s. Now if you’re worried that your phone might end up processing more data than you would like, fret not because the app will only compute data that is under 1MB, meaning that your phone will not be overly taxed by highly complex calculations, but at the same time you can rest easy knowing that while you sleep, your unused CPU cycles are being put to a good and noble use. The app is free and available via the Google Play Store, so head on over for the download.

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