pplanterFor those of you who happen to live in a big city, I am quite sure you would have come across alleyways as well as pedestrian crossings which smell like pee. Installing public urinals in such “strategic” locations might help alleviate the situation, but it would cost a whole lot of money, and is no easy job to boot. Hyphae Design Laboratory of Oakland, California, has come up with a green idea which is known as the PPlanter, where it has been described to be a self-contained modular system that will rely on the properties of bamboo in order to process the pee.

How does the PPlanter works? First of all, a user will have to step up and release his stream of pee into the actual urinal, where one’s mid-section will remain hidden from the view of others by a privacy panel. Ladies can take advantage of the provided disposable funnels so that they can do their business standing up. Once done, use the foot pump in order to draw water from an attached reservoir via the faucet of the integrated sink, so that one can wash one’s hands. As for the used wash water, it will rinse out the urinal, before the urine and water mix are transported to an airtight tank which will be pumped into a planter/biofilter that breaks down everything naturally to leave an odor-free area afterwards.

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