pphoto_dp2_quattro_01_0Cameras come in all shapes and sizes, although in the case of Sigma’s dp Quattro, we have to admit that this is a shape that not many would have expected, and more importantly we have to say that we are curious as to how it might handle, although Sigma does claim that this does offer a more balanced shape. That being said, the dp Quattro is Sigma’s latest series of cameras, a trio in fact, that the company has recently announced, although pricing and availability have yet to be determined, but perhaps that is something that the company might share during CP+ 2014 which will be taking place later this week.

While each dp Quattro camera will sport different specs, each will come with the company’s latest Foveon X3 sensor, which according to Sigma, “offers an even higher level of image quality. In addition to 30% higher resolution, the volume of image data has become lighter, and it enables much faster image processing and lower current consumption.” This basically means better photos at lower battery consumption. All three dp Quattro cameras will also be powered by Sigma’s TRUE III processor which the company boasts to offer “high-definition, 3D-like photographs with outstandingly rich color detail.”

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