So you think that Nikon’s D800 is the bomb with 36-megapixels of goodness? Well, Sigma intends to challenge that particular segment of the market with their high end DSLR known as the SD1 Merrill, which is capable of packing in a whopping 46-megapixels thanks to its APS-C sensor – without compromising on performance. Not only that, your pockets will be far happier with the new pricing – we are talking about a drop to $3,300 from a whopping $9,700. Of course, buyers remorse might set in for those who picked up the SD1 Merrill recently at that premium price tag, but at least you will be able to gain access to a support program, while exchanging points in return for Sigma hardware as a form of compensation. What do you think of the megapixel race, is it done and over with already, as so many other factors are also important in taking a great photo?

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