sb-xlviii-streamThe Super Bowl is one spectacle that would also see its fair share of commercial tie-ins, and in this year’s edition, you could say that from a sporting perspective, it was a disappointment simply because there was no nail biting finish, and the victor was never in doubt at all. From the tech perspective, however, things have definitely looked good. Apparently, an average of 528,000 people did tune in to the stream per minute in comparison to last year’s 508,000 viewer total, which is an improvement – although it is not that much. This increase has done just enough for Fox Sports to announce that Super Bowl XLVIII is the “most-viewed live stream ever for a single sports event in the U.S.”

See how a slight increase (around 4% here) of folks who tuned into the stream per minute could help nudge Fox Sports to achieve a new live streaming record? Hence the wisdom in not to despise small beginnings. Apart from that, the length of time that people streamed the game also saw a bump of 25% in 2014, which averaged out to approximately 48 minutes altogether. Fox Sports was also pleased to note that its Sports Go app happened to be the most downloaded sports app for iPhones and iPads over the weekend. [Press Release]

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