One of the alleged features of the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 update would be a swipe keyboard. It is said to be similar to the Swype keyboard found on Android devices, and now thanks to a video uploaded by Unleash The Phones, a video of the swipe keyboard for Windows Phone has been caught on camera and demonstrated for the entire world to see. Based on what we can see in the video, the swiping functionality appears to be more or less the same as Swype and swiping keyboard feature that’s also available on Android, although in the case of Windows Phone, the trail line is in blue.

We’re not sure if the Windows Phone version is more accurate or intuitive as the Android version, but for Android users switching to Windows Phone and who might be missing the feature, Windows Phone 8.1 is an update to look forward to. For those unfamiliar, the swipe keyboard feature basically lets you move from letter to letter by sliding your finger across the screen, as opposed to tapping individual keys. Some claim that this is a faster way of typing compared to regular typing, and while it does seem fast, it does take some getting used to, although it might come in handy for those times when you might only have one free hand to type with. If you have a minute to, you can check out the keyboard in action in the video above.

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