uae-delivery-droneWill drones take over the world eventually? Perhaps, or perhaps not. A Skynet-like experience from the Terminator movie franchise should still be some ways off, but this does not mean that society could eventually make the move to accept drones to perform mundane tasks such as delivery. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) government is the latest party with plans to make use of high-tech drones when it comes to the delivery of official documents and packages, and they have set a time frame of one year to get the job done. Touted to be the first project of its kind, the battery-powered quadcopters that will be used are touted to be a wee bit smaller compared to a Parrot AR.Drone 2.0. Some of the items that such drones will deliver include small-sized packages including (but not limited to) identity cards, driving licenses and other permits.

Will this be a challenge that Amazon and their Prime Air program (which you can see the drone in the image above) are more than happy to tackle head on? Perhaps so, as Amazon’s main markets would be elsewhere. Not only that, there is the question of security that delivery drone systems will need to handle – the UAE intends to empower their drones with fingerprint and retinal scanners, where in theory, package recipients will have to prove their identity through the use of either one these authentication methods.

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