verizon-upgrade-two-yearsCompetition in the mobile industry is pretty stiff at the moment, with carriers finding all sorts of ways to entice customers to switch from a different carrier and hop aboard their network. It wasn’t too long ago that AT&T was willing to pay up to $450 to make customers switch from T-Mobile. Likewise T-Mobile was also willing to pay ETFs of customers up to $650 for them to make the switch as well, so it isn’t too surprising to learn that Verizon could be offering something similar of their own to entice customers to sign up with their network. This is thanks to a recently leaked memo that was obtained by the folks at Android Central where it appears that Verizon is willing to offer customers $100 in credit towards their bill if they were to sign up for a new line with them within the next 3 weeks.

This promotion is scheduled to kick off on the 7th of February and is expected to last until the 28th of February. Of course the caveat is that you would have to sign a new two-year agreement with the carrier, but if you’re looking for a new phone and a new plan, we reckon this seems like a pretty good deal. The $100 credit will only be applicable towards your third billing cycle, meaning that you will need to stay with the carrier for at least 60 days, which we guess is to ensure customers don’t leave right after getting the discount. In any case Verizon has yet to make the promotion official, but hopefully we will learn more about it the next few hours.

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